Saturday, February 12, 2011

3rd Message From All Cashiers

I'm pretty sure most cashiers are worried about getting robbed, and if not I guess I'm alone and should change the title to this post to "A message from Me"  But none the less....

THE Worst time to be reaching into your pockets is just after you hand me your cash and my till flies open. 

You'd be surprised as to how often this happens. 

Now you are informed...carry on now!

*High Five if you agree!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Broken Hearts

Oh bummer I can't find where I found this craft at, if I find it I will add it in.  I changed things up a bit to fit Angelina who is 5, but the root "game" was thought up by someone else.

Angelina knows how to count to 100 and can say each number by looking at it.  We are moving on to actually reading the numbers in word form.  Starting slow with 1-10.  To help her with this we made our Broken hearts.

As you can see I cut out 10 identical hearts.  One side of the heart I drew the number, on the other side I wrote the number out in word form.  Then I cut each heart into a broken heart.  I was careful to cut each broken heart out the same as I knew she would just try to match each heart as in a puzzle, and I really needed to her be paying attention to the actual word.  (With me on this?)  She was really excited to try something new, and even played it three times in a row.

The first time I put all the words in a pile, then all the numbers in another.  She took a number the had to find the word.  We did it the opposite way next, then I mixed it up on the third time.  She was so proud she showed Daddy right when he got home. 

Just thought I would share this idea, it was quite simple and a lot of fun, never mind a learning tool!!!  Happy Friday Everyone!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Go Fish

Today I thought I would play a little game with Angelina.  She loves to play Go Fish, ever since her Aunt Kelli taught her how to play.

Even though the game Go Fish is educational in itself (knowing your numbers, matching skills, plus the taking turns, winning losing aspect as well), I decide to shake things up a bit.

I cut 26 index cards in half, and wrote out the alphabet in Upper Case and Lower Case.  Then I mixed up the cards, and we play Go Fish by asking each other for the Match to each letter.  Angelina loved playing the new game.  After two rounds of that we made up a new game and instead of asking for the actually letter name, we asked each other using the Sound of each letter.

This also helped me in knowing what we need to work on more.  A little side note:  The first game I won...(hard to let someone win in Go Fish, lol) the second game she won...and she immediately suggested playing again to "break the tie"  :-)

Just thought I would share a cute easy craft with an added game in the end!  Enjoy!