Friday, December 31, 2010

Sew Much Fun

Hehe Like the subject?!  I know this is post number 2 today but I just had to share!!

A little background.  When I go into work I carry two water bottles and a snackie, plus my purse.  One water bottle has ice and goes at the register with me.  The other one goes in the freezer to enjoy on my break, with my snackie of choice.  Last night I decided to try using a gift bag to carry all my stuff in, and it worked like a charm. :-) I make a little baggie for myself.  Its the perfect size I wanted...and was fun to make.  Just had to share!!!

The bag In Use

Laid out flat

Close up to show detail

And it even has a pocket

5 bonus points for anyone that recognizes the material :-)

(This was left over from the quilt I made, when I ordered WAY too much material) 

Happy New Year To You

There are 7 hours left until 2011, what are you plans?

In one hour I will be at work.  I will work a 4hr shift, then head to my parents house where Mike and Angelina will be.  Then I'll have 2hrs there until we Ring In the New Year!

I get excited for ever new year, but for some reason I am really excited about 2011!!! 

Everyone have a safe and happy New Years Eve tonight!  Hugs!

The Tripp Family!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bob Harper Gives Me Energy

I feel great today!  And I haven't been able to say that for a while now.  That's a blog in itself for another day though.  lol

We had had Chinese Food for dinner last night.  (My favorite!!!)  After words I felt awful.  My energy was zapped, I could barely keep my eyes open, and ended up just being lazy on the couch.  I am so done feeling this way!  I knew I had to find my Cardio Max Dvd!  And I did just that!  I laid it on my laptop last night ready to be put in this morning.

It was tough I won't lie, but 30mins of exercising gave me so much energy today it was crazy!!!  Meeting up with Bob again tomorrow morning for sure!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Ok well sorta "wordless"  I can't write a blog without words hehe!

I am an aspiring photographer, and children and people are what I love to photograph.  Twice a year we purposely get the grandchildren together to take a picture.  Just happens that Nov (for Christmas cards that my mom sends out) and July 4th.  The following picture is this years Christmas Card!  Out of 100 photos taken, we had 3 to choose from.  Whew its hard, but I love it!

The next picture is the one that my sister and her husband sent out for Christmas cards this year.  Yes I took theirs too.  :-)

And the last one is Angelina on her birthday while we were out shopping.  I used it for our Christmas Cards this year.  And the very last one is her being the spunky girl she is!  Enjoy my Wordless (LOL) Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Work Hard Yesterday, Play Today

We have been super busy since last Wednesday. With working, getting ready for Christmas, last min shopping, present wrapping, and just general living. LOL Because of all of this, the whole cleaning has been neglected. Sure the dishes were being done, meals were being made, and garbage taken out, but that was the extent of it. And we loved every min of it!

Yesterday, Monday, Angelina and I managed to get the house back in order while Daddy was at work. It took all day, but surprising to me it was actually fun. I guess being so out of order, it was refreshing to get everything back together.

Now to back track a bit to Christmas morning. Mike, Angelina, and my Mom and Dad, bought me a brand new Sewing Machine!!! All my sewing projects I have done have been on my moms old machine. (She bought a new one for herself years ago, kept her original one, and that’s the one I have been using.) It still works for the most part, but sometimes will not for no reason at all. You can run it for a while and it will eventually get back on track, frustrating when you in the middle of a project.

Christmas morning I unwrapped a Kenmore Sewing Machine, and was so very excited!!! And now guess where it is currently? Still in the box. And now you maybe asking why, if I was so excited, is it still in the box untouched? Well go back up to the subject! I worked hard yesterday, so I could play today!

If I don’t get all the “work” done before I “play,” I feel guilty the whole time and don’t actually get to enjoy the fun. To wrap this up, as soon as I hit the publish button, I am off to go unveil the Sewing Machine!
*Today’s Question*

1.) What was your most enjoyable Christmas Gift, you either received or gave? (Often times I enjoy seeing others open their gifts more than I enjoy my own. But not this year! LOL)

2.) Are you like me in that you have to get things done before you can play?

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Job I Want to Love

I received a text from my sister earlier today as she was arriving at her job.

“Uggg I gotta wk till 9...L lol”

(She was scheduled till 7, they reworked the schedule and added two hours to her shift) My response to her was,

“Woot 2 extra hours, Hopefully it will go fast!”

As I was typing, Hopefully it will go fast, a thought popped in my head. I am always saying, I hope tonight goes fast…I can’t wait until I’m off…This night needs to go quickly ect. It got me thinking about a “What if…”

What if I had a job that I LOVED, a job I looked forward to, a job where I wished time would slow down so I could enjoy it longer?

Maybe some of you already have my “What if dream” and if so I would love to hear about it. What job do you have, why do you enjoy it so much?

But for me, I’m not quite there YET.

*Disclaimer* as many people I work with might read this. J Me not enjoying my job has nothing to do with the people I work with, the company I work for, or the customers I serve. I just want more, I want to feel like I make a difference, I want to be rewarded in what I do, (in a financial sense, but more importantly in an emotional sense…that what I do actually matters and helps others) Sure I can be a nice, helpful, cheerful, cashier, but in reality most customers will buy that same item from a Crabby McCrabberson cashier. What it boils down to is...

I believe I deserve to have a job that

I enjoy,
am good at, and
quite honestly able to change a few lives!
High expectations yes, but I will find this Job!!! I deserve it!

*Today’s Question*
If you could have any job in the world (without the need of money/schooling ect)
1.) What would it be,
2.) Why do you believe you would enjoy it,
3.) Besides Money or Schooling, What is stopping you from having this said job?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sneak Peek

Stay tuned for more info!


Exciting things are about to happen!!!!  I have missed this blog and more importantly all of YOU GUYS!!!

Much Love!!