Delicious Recipes

This page will be dedicated to recipes that I try.  Or things I come up on my own.  The page title is a bit deceiving, as I will be sharing recipes that don't turn out as well.  Because I don't want you to make the same mistakes I make, and possible you guys can give me some hints to make it better.  Lets keep the communication OPEN!  :-)

Mae's Smashin' Cauliflower
For those of you that don't want all the carbs that come along with  the Traditional Mash Potatoes

Basic Bread Machine Recipe, That Tastes Nothing Like Basic Bread
For those of you that own a bread machine, and love cutting your own loaf of bread

Un'beet'able Chocolate Cake
For those of you that want more veggies in your diet and like to hide them like me!  (This is actually made with Beets)

Egg Rolls Rolled in Cabbage Leaves
For those of you that enjoy egg rolls, but would rather not have the deep fried version

Lasagna Spirals
For those of you that LOVE Lasagna but like to change up things a bit.  Great for potlucks!

Mini Quiches (Cooking Video included)
For those of you that want an easy quiche recipe, crust included.  First cooking video from me also!

Angelina's Yummy Curious George Cupcakes
For those of you need a little creative help decorating your cupcakes.  (Not really a recipe, but just an idea)