Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Perfect Mix of Business and Fun

Many of you guys saw this on my Facebook Page (Facebook Me) I posted it after we arrived at the park, and captioned it "Business first, now play time"  And it was exactly how our day went.  Like the title of this post, it truly was the perfect mix of business and fun!

We had a couple of errands to run, and a bill to pay, then it was off to the park.  It was a beautiful day, it sure seemed like it had been quite some time since we had seen the sun here.  Angelina was a good sport at all the stores, knowing we would soon be running around and playing on the toys. 

While watching Angelina play and run and laugh, I leaned over and gave Mike a kiss...(tmi??)  And I told him I love days like this. 

Next up are some pictures that I took at the park with my phone.  Enjoy!

A bird that we didn't know what it was...any ideas?

She LOVED the "big girl" swing

Really hard to take a swinging picture with a phone camera that has a delay lol

We tried to be funny, and pretend she was reading over this boys shoulder

A friendly competition of Checkers

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Feeling Hunger Vs. Feeling Thirsty

Can any of you tell the difference between Feeling Hungry, and Feeling Thirsty?  Its very hard to separate the two, and maybe impossible. 

This past week we have become more health conscience.  On Monday I watched a documentary called The Beautiful Truth, and it added to what I already knew about the healing properties of fruits and vegetables.  (I would love to write a blog about the documentary and about The Gerson Therapy, and in the future I will)  To sum it up in one sentence, its about Max Gerson and his "findings" on how eating solely fruits and veggies can heal the body from the common cold to cancer.  If you like documentaries and enjoy learning, I highly recommend The Beautiful Truth.

So anyhow...many of you know that I have diabetes.  And where as I am getting a tad better, I am still far from where I need to be.  (Side note, I lost another 2.8 pounds)  :-)  On Monday after Mike was home from work, we took a trip to the fruit market that's about 2 miles from our house.  Extremely close if you ask me.  We purchased a handful of different fruits and veggies, and when we got home we dusted off our Jack LaLanna Juicer, and had our very own homemade juice.  I will admit the first one wasn't very tasty.  We had added too much Kale to the mix.  LOL  But we juiced again last night and it was much better!  MUCH better!

Now that we have that tangent taken care of, lets go back to my original question.  Hunger Vs Thirsty, a fine line! 

I noticed this first hand the last two days.  Especially last night.  Here's my story...:-)

Yesterday I was very busy around the house, cleaning laundry, errand running, dinner making, ya know the basics right?  All this and I was forgetting to drink my water.  I had fixed Stuffed Peppers for dinner, which were so delicious by the way!!!  Not 20mins after dinner, I felt hungry pains or hunger pangs rather.  I was, you are not serious I just ate dinner and now your hungry?  But then I remembered how busy my day was with the lack of water, and I knew I was just thirsty.  I got a bottle of ice water, chugged it, and what do you know?!  I wasn't "hungry" no longer.

So I will leave you with a time you think you feel hungry, think back and see when was the last time you drank water!  :-)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

How Do You Classify A Day of Nothing?

I texted Mike (Hubby) this morning...

"Do U mind if I do nothing today? :-) "

His response:

Lol I don't mind at all!  As long as you are enjoying your day off!"

This is one of the many reasons I love him!  So now here is my question, How do YOU classify a day of nothing? 


No Dishes
No Laundry
No Shower (Yes this is true I didn't take a shower today)
No Work
No Cleaning
Pretty much nothing in the way of improving the living quarters

But now let me list the things I Did Do

Did Do

Woke up :-)
Took care of Angelina's needs all day (of course)
Went to the fabric store (No I wasn't alone this time)  lol
Got materials for a couple of projects
Made two coin wallets
Straightened up the living room (Not actually cleaning but cleared the room)
Teeny bit of grocery shopping
Kept updated with Facebook
And am writing my blog

So all in all it wasn't a day of "nothing" per se!  A very fun relaxing day.  But now I have my work cut out for me tomorrow.  Mount Laundry needs to be dealt with! 
I apologize for no blog last night.  If you are a friend on facebook (My Facebook Page) then you would know that I was having issues with Blogger.  Hope to have two blogs up tomorrow!  Got some exciting news!!!  Happy Almost Friday!  :-)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yet Another Issue I have

Does anyone remember the 2nd post I wrote?  The one about journals, and how often I buy new journals but yet never journal?  Heres A Reminder

Well I am this same exact way with new Day Planners.  I bought a new one about a week ago, and have yet to write in it.  I think the reason why is that I don't want to wreck it, or make a mistake.  But who cares...its Mine!!!  LOL

So tomorrow I'm breaking it out and writing it in!  So if you want your birthday in my new planner, give it to me!!!  :-)

Monday, January 3, 2011

I Feel Lighter Today

And there is a very good reason I feel that way!  I weighed in 2.8 pounds lighter this morning!  I was so surprised and excited to finally see the scale go down!  It was motivation for the whole day let me tell you!

What's even better is I really haven't done anything different this week.  Other then, eating more lettuce with dinner and occasionally for lunch.  Drinking more water, and probably most importantly not sitting myself in front of the computer as much.  Oh yeah and a few Cardio Max Dvd workouts thrown in :-)

So I'm here to tell you with little changes, and just being more aware, things do start to move!  LOL 

Sorry for the late and short post today.  Its 11pm, and its freezing in my house, I'm off to bed where the heater is plugged in and on!  Night Night All!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Helping My Sister With Her Resolution

One of my sister (Kelli's) resolutions this year is to

Bring a lunch to work, instead of buying. 

Which I love.  Buying a lunch everyday can get expensive and not as healthy.  She saw my bag I sewed the other day and loved it.  She wanted one for herself, and it would be her new Lunch Bag.  Two of the fabric from my post yesterday was for her.  I worked on it last night and was able to finish it up for her today.  She hasn't seen it yet!  She requested a few changes to the bag, or rather add-ons.  A longer pocket on the inside, big enough for a fork or spoon.  (Which is a great idea)  A way to close said pocket, and she wanted to somehow be able to close the top of the whole bag.  The pocket, I added a snap, and I added two strings of material to tie the bag shut on top.  I am very pleased with out it turned out!

While I was sewing her bag, I was sewing an extra bag with the same pattern.  (With out a snap on the pocket)  I was tossing around the idea in my head about maybe giving a bag away on my blog.  What do you guys think?  Good idea?  Would you guys use a bag like this?  Let me know what you think!!

I'm off to work tonight, but then coming home and hoping to start the bag for my Mom!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

$1 Mistake

I should make a rule that I can not go to the fabric store alone!

Some of you might remember my post about the material for my quilt.  Here is where I typed about it, Click Me

Today I headed to the Fabric Store (yes alone). I was so excited after making my bag yesterday, my mom and sister really liked it too. I was going to surprise them with a bag of their own. I went into the store hoping for a sale, I mean who doesn’t right? I went over to the cotton section and I see a sign…All I saw was,


I’m thinking, Wow its just my day today, $1.00 a yard, SCORE!!! The next hour was spent picking out fabric. I picked out my moms bag, my sisters bag, and 2 others to just make for fun! Also Mike has been wanting me to make him a quilt…and at $1.00 a yard, yeah I picked out 4 different patterns! They were beautiful, but manly. Imagine how hard it is to find material for a Man’s Quilt. J

I’m heading up to the cutting counter with 12 bolts. I was getting 1 yard of each to make it easy. The store was so slow, 2 ladies were cutting my material. We were just chatting away, and I know I mentioned at least once, “This is such a good deal!” So off to the check out counter I go with my 12 yards of different fabrics. Super excited to get home as soon as I can to get started!

The nicest lady there was ringing me out. (I’m very lucky I had a nice one, you’ll soon find out why) And I can barely see the total as she working, as its only on her screen, but even far away I could tell it was a pretty high total. But I just figured once she hit “Total” the sale price would override the regular price. She hits total on her screen, and says “That will be $86.blah blah. (After I heard $86 I tuned out the change, lol) I about fell over, $86!!! I asked her, “Aren’t these on sale…*pointing to the back where the signs are* She then says “Oh yes mam they all rang up…” (Wait for it, wait for it!)

$1.00 OFF

One Flippin’ Dollar Off. That’s what the sale was!!! Not what I was thinking! I guess I had my blinders one when I walked in, and got so excited! I was so embarrassed, you have no idea. In cases like this, they more then likely will make you buy it. You Cut It, You But It! This is where I got lucky. I apologized and explained what I thought it was, and told her how embarrassed I was. She was very nice about the whole mishap, and even asked “Do you want any of it, or do you just want to forgo the whole order?” I felt so bad, embarrassed (Did I mention how embarrassed I was?!) and guilty, I knew I had to buy something! So purchased 4 out of 12, and instead of $86.whatever, it was $20. I paid as quickly as I could and ran out of there.

It amazes me that I even thought it was only $1.00 a yard, that would be an amazing sale! Steal of deal if you will! I should have known better.

I am going to wrap this post up with a quote…
“If its too good to be true, Read the Fine Print!”