Sunday, August 29, 2010

Best of Buds

I thought I would dedicate the post for today to Angelina's Best Bud, her Red Monkey.  Her Aunt Kelli (my sister) had given it to her for Valentines Day when she was only 14months old.  From what I remember it wasn't Love at First Sight, as she had another brown monkey at the time.  But it wasn't long before the brown monkey got replaced by Red Monkey.  They are so sweet together, she takes him everywhere, won't sleep without him, and even requests him when shes crying so "he can wipe her tears!"  All the beans inside him have gone to his toes, and his poor little tummy is worn thin as that is her favorite spot to rub.  The only surgery he has had so far is a little stitch on top of his head where his hair has fallen out.  Thanks to Grandma he has healed nicely.  You might be thinking, "Why would she be writing about her daughters favorite toy?"  Well the idea came this morning when I was with Angelina watching Toy Story 2.  Near the beginning Andy accidentally rips Woody's arm, and decides to not play with him anymore.  After Angelina watched that scene she said to me "Red Monkey will last forever, not like Woody!"  And continued watching the movie.  My heart melted at that moment, and I do hope that Angelina keeps her Red Monkey forever!  (At the very least her Mom will keep him!)  :-)  Hugs!

Do you remember having a best of bud like this when you were little?
Do your children have one?  Whats their story?

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