Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Pantry Full of Crap

The title of todays post describes my pantry to a "T"  As you will see by the picture below.

Nice isn't it? 

A couple of weeks ago I was finally done living by the quote of  "Tired of Being Tired"  I took a look at what I was doing and also what I wasn't doing to make myself feel like this.  I have all of this wisdom about weight loss and eating healthy, but you sure wouldn't know it by the looks of my pantry/fridge, and or by my scale. 

I am now realizing that I feel immense guilt towards myself.  In having vast knowledge, but not sharing it, and not putting it into action for myself.  This blog is the first step in sharing, and in the past few weeks I have put alot of what I know into motion. 

When I began to really take a step back and watch my eating habits, I was quite surprised.  Here I thought I had been eating healthy, normal portions, not much in the way of snacking.  But logging everything I ate for a week opened my eyes to reality.  True I don't sit down to big meals, but I find myself being a little eater ALL DAY LONG.  Now I'm a firm believer in 6 small meals a day, but not the way I was eating them.  I also give into temptation way to easily when it comes to food.  So my way to fight my temptation head on, is to not even have the opportunity arise!

Hence the day came where I CLEANED HOUSE!

The first area I attacked was where we store our food, the pantry, Fridge, and Freezer.  The Fridge and Freezer were actually pretty easy, must have been between paydays as there wasn't much stashed in there.  :-)  The Pantry as you can see is a different story.  My goal was to rid the storage space of Proceed Crap.  I spent alot of time looking at labels and only wanting to save the items I could actually read and understand.  High Fructose Corn Syrup in the ingredient list was an instant "Throw into the Bin" ie out of the house.  (I plan on writing a post about this in the near future, for right now I'll leave it at, Bad Stuff)  You can imagine how empty the pantry looked after I got done with it.  The only things that were left were basically baking items, noodles, and canned beans and tomatoes.  And it looked beautiful!

I am happy to report that it is going well.  Lots of home cooked meals, both trial and error, sprucing up veggies and trying new fruits.  Even my picky Angelina is coming around. 

This past weekend I have learned that when I get upset I turn to food to make myself feel better.  (Which is never the outcome)  In fact I end up feeling worse.  At this point in my weight loss journey, its more of a learning process then actually losing pounds.  And everyday I learn something new!

In the near future I will Blog about some of the recipes we have tried, especially ones that involving getting in more veggies!!! 

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  1. I feel your pain. About 10 days ago my hubby's Dr told him he was allergic/sensitive to grains/sugar and that he wasn't allowed to eat them anymore. We had to clear out practically our entire cupboard, no more rice, potatoes, wheat etc. It has been hard but an interesting adventure. I know my husband has more energy and isn't as gassy (one of the effects of grains on him) and seems to feel better all over so far. We gave everything to my BIL & SIL who have been struggling recently, it was so much stuff we had to give away as we had been stocking up on our staples over the past few months. He can't even have the Cream of Mushroom soup we had lol.