Saturday, August 28, 2010

Keeping a Journal at Any Age

Think back through your life.. how many times have you started a journal, diary, letters to yourself, confessions, ect.?  If your like me you try to start 12 times a year (the beginning of each month, no?)  And you buy a new notebook each time, thinking THIS ONE will be the one.  The one that will keep me motivated to write in everyday... maybe twice!  Its fancy, expensive, and Perfect...or its cheap, plain and a blank canvas for me to decorate.  Don't forget the pen you have to purchase.  The thought of using an old pen that you already own is preposterous! 
Night time falls, your children are in bed, husband is occupied, and its your time to start writing.  Let the words start flowing...any minute now...ok so you write the date, that you can do.  Top right hand corner, Aug 1st, 2010, you even add the time 10:03pm.  Tiredness settles in, you fall asleep pen in hand, wake up to your blank page... oh wait you at least wrote the date.  Then you close the book with the promise to "for sure write TONIGHT!"  August leaves, September arrives, and the Diary Cycle begins again.  Now you need a new notebook, you can't possible use your August one, the first page is ruined! 
You maybe expecting me to say "Obviously I'm exaggerating here" but you won't see those words here!  This is really what I go through.  I love the thought of, years from now, looking back at my journals and reading them, reminiscing, smiling and laughing!  But yet I never get there, maybe this is where me being a perfectionist comes to life.  If it isn't perfectly written, in perfect penmanship, in perfect form, its not worth continuing.  Now I know this idea seems crazy to most, and I am working on dismissing this concept.  Which is why I am encouraging Angelina to keep a journal of her own.
Our home school days start off with a page out of her composition book to journal about ANYTHING she wants.  I explained to her what it means to keep a journal, and suggested her first page be about the previous days adventure.  (We spent the day down town with my mom and I took and printed many pictures for this idea in mind.)  She chose what pictures to use, cut them out and taped them in her book all buy herself.  We both wrote little notes about the day around the pictures as well.  3 days in and she already has her own ideas on what to share!  I love it!
I am keeping my own journal right along with her, and yes its a brand new composition book, that I plan on covering with a brown paper bag and decorating!  :-)  Somethings never change!  I am forced to just let things my own journal and Angelinas.  I have to remember that its HER space, and everything doesn't have to be perfect! 
Happy Journal'ing!

Do you keep a journal?  How often do you write in it? 
Have your children started their own journal?
If not, might you now?

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  1. Hi Mariann,

    Thanks for visiting my blog - happy to see another new blogger out here!

    I am COMPLETELY guilty of journal syndrome...I'm drawn in my the beauty of the journal and the ease of the pen!! My blog is the first time I've really committed to 'journaling' and I love it! Hope you'll enjoy it as much as me...

    I look forward to following your adventures!!

    Kristin (mango calla lily)