Friday, August 27, 2010

"Mae's Monkey Biz" is Born

A couple of nights ago my husband and I were brainstorming ideas for my new blog.

Why I wanted to start one

what I was going to include in it, and most importantly

A name for my new treasure.

I have always wanted a space where I could share my ideas, spread good news, and a bit of journal-ing too.  I do enjoy writing, but using a pen and paper seems too time consuming (strange isn't it?!)  Typing on a laptop is much easier as I am a fast typer, it doesn't cramp up my hand, and with a click of a mouse you can "start over" I love it!

I tried to narrow down what I planned to share, but in the end I didn't want to.  This blog is going to be open to anything and everything from, What I Did Today, What I Should Have Done Today, and What I Plan to Do Tomorrow.  Also, I am on a weight loss journey, finding my inner skinny twin and also finding out just who I am.  (At almost 30 you would think I would have this figured out by now.) This means I'll have stories of physical exercise, ideas for exercising my mind.  Recipes that are tasty and probably recipes that don't work out because, lets face it, those are funny tales!  I also share this journey with the Weight Loss Community on Youtube, so there is a good chance a video or two with make it to this blog as well.  With Weight Loss comes Knowledge, at least in my case.  I love to spread what I learn to others and get feedback as well.  We are on a trial year of Homeschooling our 4 1/2 year old Daughter Angelina, narrations of that will for sure be included.  I might from time to time write a letter to Angelina, or Mike my husband, or to myself, who knows?  As you can see the sky is the limit!

My only thought for a blog title was, My Journey, or The Tripp Family, you know something lame like that.  Mike's first idea was Mae's Way.  (I didn't want to use my first name Mariann, so my middle name next in line)  Then I thought I would get creative and use Mae's Weigh, but that didn't really make sense.  I wanted some fun, and light, so Mae's Life with a Barrel of Monkeys was named, which was too long, and again just didn't quite make sense.  Mike's final idea was Mae's Monkey Biz, and I loved it from the beginning.  Its light, fun, and it allows for a wide range of ideas, perfect for my Blog!

And so it begins!

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