Monday, December 27, 2010

A Job I Want to Love

I received a text from my sister earlier today as she was arriving at her job.

“Uggg I gotta wk till 9...L lol”

(She was scheduled till 7, they reworked the schedule and added two hours to her shift) My response to her was,

“Woot 2 extra hours, Hopefully it will go fast!”

As I was typing, Hopefully it will go fast, a thought popped in my head. I am always saying, I hope tonight goes fast…I can’t wait until I’m off…This night needs to go quickly ect. It got me thinking about a “What if…”

What if I had a job that I LOVED, a job I looked forward to, a job where I wished time would slow down so I could enjoy it longer?

Maybe some of you already have my “What if dream” and if so I would love to hear about it. What job do you have, why do you enjoy it so much?

But for me, I’m not quite there YET.

*Disclaimer* as many people I work with might read this. J Me not enjoying my job has nothing to do with the people I work with, the company I work for, or the customers I serve. I just want more, I want to feel like I make a difference, I want to be rewarded in what I do, (in a financial sense, but more importantly in an emotional sense…that what I do actually matters and helps others) Sure I can be a nice, helpful, cheerful, cashier, but in reality most customers will buy that same item from a Crabby McCrabberson cashier. What it boils down to is...

I believe I deserve to have a job that

I enjoy,
am good at, and
quite honestly able to change a few lives!
High expectations yes, but I will find this Job!!! I deserve it!

*Today’s Question*
If you could have any job in the world (without the need of money/schooling ect)
1.) What would it be,
2.) Why do you believe you would enjoy it,
3.) Besides Money or Schooling, What is stopping you from having this said job?


  1. I decided that I wanted to comment my own answers to my questions :-)

    1.) What would it be

    A Child Psycologist

    2.) Why do you believe you would enjoy it,

    I love working with children, and this would be changing lives!

    3.) Besides Money or Schooling, What is stopping you from having this said job?

    The emotional attachment that I'm sure comes with the job.

  2. 1.) What would it be, ~ A paid writer!
    2.) Why do you believe you would enjoy it, ~ absolutely!
    3.) Besides Money or Schooling, What is stopping you from having this said job? Fear of rejection!

  3. I think you should totally go for it Sheila. Something like that you can look online and find "jobs" And yes fear of rejection is a scary thing. But you just have to remember that they are rejecting you the person just your writing. Writing can be so individualize that one person might hate it, but the next will LOVE the same exact piece. And just know that you can learn from rejection too, be sure to ask the "why's"
    Go for it...don't let anything stop you from achieving your dream job!

  4. I will be a wedding/event planner (by the time I'm 28!), I believe I would enjoy it because I love to organize, plan, work with/help people and most of all, the hopeless romantic in me feels like it would be lovely to spend endless hours around people who are in love making their dream weddings come true (for the wedding planning part of it, obviously :D) Absolutely nothing is hold me back, other than the two things you mentioned :D

  5. Kayla, that sounds wonderful!!! I like how you started your answer by "I Will Be A Wedding Planner" You have already started the process!
    You have all the natural characteristics for the job, I'm sure you will be great at it! I would love to do that as well, the only thing that I would not be good at is getting the best deals, and being that pushy person that the bride needs. (To get what she wants) I am not a good deal maker. LOL Good luck Kayla!! You can do it!

  6. Well, you have watched me go through what i have gone through to have my dream job lol. So I am one of the luck few who gets to do what they really love. I am still in school so I guess i am not done yet. I will be an RN before all this is over. If i choose to specialize i will either be a midwife or work in psychiatry. Maybe both! lol. I know pregnant moms and new moms could use some therapy! i sure did LOL.
    And as far as what is holding me back, well since I am on the track, the only thing right now is time!