Friday, December 31, 2010

Sew Much Fun

Hehe Like the subject?!  I know this is post number 2 today but I just had to share!!

A little background.  When I go into work I carry two water bottles and a snackie, plus my purse.  One water bottle has ice and goes at the register with me.  The other one goes in the freezer to enjoy on my break, with my snackie of choice.  Last night I decided to try using a gift bag to carry all my stuff in, and it worked like a charm. :-) I make a little baggie for myself.  Its the perfect size I wanted...and was fun to make.  Just had to share!!!

The bag In Use

Laid out flat

Close up to show detail

And it even has a pocket

5 bonus points for anyone that recognizes the material :-)

(This was left over from the quilt I made, when I ordered WAY too much material) 

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