Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Ok well sorta "wordless"  I can't write a blog without words hehe!

I am an aspiring photographer, and children and people are what I love to photograph.  Twice a year we purposely get the grandchildren together to take a picture.  Just happens that Nov (for Christmas cards that my mom sends out) and July 4th.  The following picture is this years Christmas Card!  Out of 100 photos taken, we had 3 to choose from.  Whew its hard, but I love it!

The next picture is the one that my sister and her husband sent out for Christmas cards this year.  Yes I took theirs too.  :-)

And the last one is Angelina on her birthday while we were out shopping.  I used it for our Christmas Cards this year.  And the very last one is her being the spunky girl she is!  Enjoy my Wordless (LOL) Wednesday!