Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Work Hard Yesterday, Play Today

We have been super busy since last Wednesday. With working, getting ready for Christmas, last min shopping, present wrapping, and just general living. LOL Because of all of this, the whole cleaning has been neglected. Sure the dishes were being done, meals were being made, and garbage taken out, but that was the extent of it. And we loved every min of it!

Yesterday, Monday, Angelina and I managed to get the house back in order while Daddy was at work. It took all day, but surprising to me it was actually fun. I guess being so out of order, it was refreshing to get everything back together.

Now to back track a bit to Christmas morning. Mike, Angelina, and my Mom and Dad, bought me a brand new Sewing Machine!!! All my sewing projects I have done have been on my moms old machine. (She bought a new one for herself years ago, kept her original one, and that’s the one I have been using.) It still works for the most part, but sometimes will not for no reason at all. You can run it for a while and it will eventually get back on track, frustrating when you in the middle of a project.

Christmas morning I unwrapped a Kenmore Sewing Machine, and was so very excited!!! And now guess where it is currently? Still in the box. And now you maybe asking why, if I was so excited, is it still in the box untouched? Well go back up to the subject! I worked hard yesterday, so I could play today!

If I don’t get all the “work” done before I “play,” I feel guilty the whole time and don’t actually get to enjoy the fun. To wrap this up, as soon as I hit the publish button, I am off to go unveil the Sewing Machine!
*Today’s Question*

1.) What was your most enjoyable Christmas Gift, you either received or gave? (Often times I enjoy seeing others open their gifts more than I enjoy my own. But not this year! LOL)

2.) Are you like me in that you have to get things done before you can play?


  1. 1.) You guys obviously know which gift was most enjoyable to ME! I enjoyed watching Angelina open her gift from Santa. The Littlest Pet Shop, Pet Rescue. Also watching Mike open his new MetallicA book. And especially watching my mom open her gift on Christmas Eve. (This will be a future blog post, and I even have FlipCam record of the moment!)

    2.) And I actually already answered this question in the blog as well. But I wanted to mention that I will drop household “stuff” to sit and play or read with Angelina. And yes I still enjoy every min of it! Even with Mount Laundry staring at me! J

  2. Well I haven't got my christmas present yet, waiting on paypal money to go through lol. I am getting an ipod touch 32 gb. Can't wait! hope to have it by friday.

    and as far as getting everything done before i play, well housework is usually already done, but I won't hardly play until the kids are either sleeping or getting ready to go to bed because i dont want to take up family time with my playing lol. WoW kind of sucks me in and i forget everything else lol.