Monday, March 14, 2011

All Or Nothing…Why?

How come it seems so many of us have the mindset of All or Nothing? That if you can’t do it all, you won’t do anything at all?
I for one has a bad case of this. In just about every aspect of my life.

- If I don’t get everyone done in the day that I wanted to, I feel like I did nothing at all.

- I manage to eat healthy for 3 days straight, I have one bad snack/meal, and I feel like the last 3 days don’t matter.

- If I don’t have time to sew 4 wallets, I don’t even bother sewing 1, (Which I do have time for)

- If I’m thinking a two mile walk is too hard, I don’t even start with the first mile.

This morning I knew I wanted to wake up and exercise. I decided the night before that I would pop in my Walk Away the Pounds Dvd. I had it all set in my computer so all I had to do was push play. When I first started walking I felt good, motivated, and proud that I was actually doing it. As it had been a long time since me and Leslie Sansone walked together.

I get about ½ way through the workout and was contemplating going for 2 miles. I felt the need to push myself, that the one mile was too easy. Although it was harder than I remembered it being but I was beating myself up inside by telling myself I NEED to be doing more.

The One Mile Announcement came and I was done, I reached to shut it off, and even more I pushed the stop button I was talking myself down. Feeling guilty that I didn’t push myself harder. Once again forgetting the fact that I had exercised and I went the Full Mile. Never giving myself enough credit.
I am putting a stop to this TODAY!!!

I had a long list of “stuff” I wanted to get done today. I won’t bore you with the details, but the normal cleaning house, laundry, dishes, ect. What I wanted to get done, and what I actually did get done are two different things, as I’m sure most of you understand. Yesterday I would have put myself down for not getting everything done, and feeling that in turn I didn’t do anything all day.

But TODAY, I keep reminding myself what I DID do all day. Woke up, exercised a full mile, made French toast for Me and Angelina, cleaned the kitchen up while I did that. I even made burritos to freeze for later quick meals, 20 of them! I played Just Dance on the Wii with Angelina, she did some home school work. Started a load of laundry, and am blogging now. So in the end who cares if the bathroom didn’t get cleaned today, it will be there tomorrow. J

I ask you, what is more important…
A Clean Bathroom, or a game of Pretty Pretty Princess?
I challenge you to keep the All or Nothing Mindset at bay. If your like me, its pretty easy to feel guilty…but end this with me TODAY!!!

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  1. I am concurring this monster right now as well. I can't afford weight watchers, however it has been working for me and I don't feel deprived. I have to cancel my acct, but it doesn't mean I have to get side tracked. In the last month I have learned a lot about what i need to be eating and how much I am eating. I will make this work. Just because I am not paying for the program doesn't mean that I have to quit it, and it doesn't meant that I didn't bust my ass the last month. Loved this blog marieanne!