Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just Let ‘Em In

I think we can all agree that a big reason driving can be so frustrating is that people think they can just cut people off.  That they are all High and Mighty and can just “sneak in!”
I have a suggestion to end this…that is to,

 Just Let ‘Em In!

I was driving around running errands alone the other day.  Not a care in the world cause lets face it I was alone!  I was in stop and go traffic on a road that surrounds a mall.  There was a white SUV in the middle turning lane waiting to get into my lane.  I watched the following unfold…

The driver inched forward, and had ever right to maneuver in front of the Black SUV which was in front of me.  The black SUV had other plans apparently, cause he wouldn’t let the White SUV in. 
This is where I sat back and wondered why?  Why not let that SUV in?  We were in traffic, barely going anywhere, everyone needed to give and take, but the Black SUV thought other wise.  (Maybe the High and Might mentality.) 

The White SUV continued to inch forward and the Black SUV did the same, not budging.  Then the inevitably happened, the White SUV was running out of space, gunned it and basically was forced cut off the Black SUV.  Of course the Black SUV got mad, revved the engine and laid on the horn.  All the while I’m sitting back shaking my head still wondering why?

I am not condoning what the White SUV did, but they were forced to do what they had to, considering they were out of road. 

So going back to my suggestion, the Black SUV should have just Let Em In…agreed?
Lets take a look at all the feelings that arose in those very few min that past.

Feeling Annoyed

Many of those I’m sure both parties involved were feeling.

And who knows what those feeling led to in the next minutes.  It could have set them both up for continued frustration through out their day.  All because someone wasn’t willing to just take a turn, and Let ‘Em In.
I encourage you the next time you are driving, in traffic or not, be that nice guy, slow down, motion, wave, and Just Let ‘Em In.  And by all means SMILE while you do so!

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