Friday, March 11, 2011

To Smile Or Not

There seems to be a debate on just how many muscles it takes to smile, verses how many muscles it takes to frown. Some say,

-22 to Smile, 37 to Frown
-13 to Smile, 33 to Frown
-17 to Smile, 43 to Frown
-14 to Smile, 72 to Frown

Although the exact number of muscles used is unsure, I think we can conclude that smiling takes less energy than frowning.
Indeed it is important to exercise as many muscles as you can, but I for one would rather perfect the few it takes to smile instead.
Charles Darwin was among the first to suggest that we are capable of changing our own moods just by the simple act of smiling. Facial Feedback Hypothesis “*states that facial movements can influence emotion experience.” Now that is some exciting news!

Just imagine you are at the next staff meeting, bored as always…now imagine yourself forcing a smile. Facial Feedback suggests that you will now enjoy your meeting, you will actually contribute and share your amazing ideas, everyone will listen, and you will get a pay raise. All because you smiled! Now how easy was that?
At first glance you may think that I’m exaggerating, a Smile will not get me a pay raise…this is of course unless you have “that kind of boss.”

With a Smile you are


Which makes you more approachable
you easier to talk to

more friendly (and who doesn’t like Friendly?)

You will have more confidence,

Maybe even enough to present your ideas that you just know will work.
Which in the end may lead to a pay raise.

Who would you enjoy being around, listen and talk to, and potentially give a raise to….
Someone who Smiles or Frowns?

-I think I know which you’d choose!
Have you ever watched a person yawn? What usually happens next…your yawning yourself. The same is true when you see someone smiling….You Smile Yourself!!!

Lets change the world
One Smile at a Time!
The last couple of days at work I challenged myself to make sure everyone that leaving my store leaves with a Smile. There are some tough cookies out there, and even a tickle probably wouldn’t produce a smile. But I find more often than not when I share a smile, most share one back.

So my challenge for you is to go about your normal day, however that may be, but today SMILE all day long!!! I dare you to come back tomorrow and try to convince me you didn’t just have one of the BEST days ever!!!
I will leave you today with a favorite quote of mine,

“Your Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile”
- The movie Annie
*Wikipedia definition

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