Saturday, January 1, 2011

$1 Mistake

I should make a rule that I can not go to the fabric store alone!

Some of you might remember my post about the material for my quilt.  Here is where I typed about it, Click Me

Today I headed to the Fabric Store (yes alone). I was so excited after making my bag yesterday, my mom and sister really liked it too. I was going to surprise them with a bag of their own. I went into the store hoping for a sale, I mean who doesn’t right? I went over to the cotton section and I see a sign…All I saw was,


I’m thinking, Wow its just my day today, $1.00 a yard, SCORE!!! The next hour was spent picking out fabric. I picked out my moms bag, my sisters bag, and 2 others to just make for fun! Also Mike has been wanting me to make him a quilt…and at $1.00 a yard, yeah I picked out 4 different patterns! They were beautiful, but manly. Imagine how hard it is to find material for a Man’s Quilt. J

I’m heading up to the cutting counter with 12 bolts. I was getting 1 yard of each to make it easy. The store was so slow, 2 ladies were cutting my material. We were just chatting away, and I know I mentioned at least once, “This is such a good deal!” So off to the check out counter I go with my 12 yards of different fabrics. Super excited to get home as soon as I can to get started!

The nicest lady there was ringing me out. (I’m very lucky I had a nice one, you’ll soon find out why) And I can barely see the total as she working, as its only on her screen, but even far away I could tell it was a pretty high total. But I just figured once she hit “Total” the sale price would override the regular price. She hits total on her screen, and says “That will be $86.blah blah. (After I heard $86 I tuned out the change, lol) I about fell over, $86!!! I asked her, “Aren’t these on sale…*pointing to the back where the signs are* She then says “Oh yes mam they all rang up…” (Wait for it, wait for it!)

$1.00 OFF

One Flippin’ Dollar Off. That’s what the sale was!!! Not what I was thinking! I guess I had my blinders one when I walked in, and got so excited! I was so embarrassed, you have no idea. In cases like this, they more then likely will make you buy it. You Cut It, You But It! This is where I got lucky. I apologized and explained what I thought it was, and told her how embarrassed I was. She was very nice about the whole mishap, and even asked “Do you want any of it, or do you just want to forgo the whole order?” I felt so bad, embarrassed (Did I mention how embarrassed I was?!) and guilty, I knew I had to buy something! So purchased 4 out of 12, and instead of $86.whatever, it was $20. I paid as quickly as I could and ran out of there.

It amazes me that I even thought it was only $1.00 a yard, that would be an amazing sale! Steal of deal if you will! I should have known better.

I am going to wrap this post up with a quote…
“If its too good to be true, Read the Fine Print!”

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  1. lol wow!! i have done things like that before though. it happens to the best of us!