Thursday, January 20, 2011

Feeling Hunger Vs. Feeling Thirsty

Can any of you tell the difference between Feeling Hungry, and Feeling Thirsty?  Its very hard to separate the two, and maybe impossible. 

This past week we have become more health conscience.  On Monday I watched a documentary called The Beautiful Truth, and it added to what I already knew about the healing properties of fruits and vegetables.  (I would love to write a blog about the documentary and about The Gerson Therapy, and in the future I will)  To sum it up in one sentence, its about Max Gerson and his "findings" on how eating solely fruits and veggies can heal the body from the common cold to cancer.  If you like documentaries and enjoy learning, I highly recommend The Beautiful Truth.

So anyhow...many of you know that I have diabetes.  And where as I am getting a tad better, I am still far from where I need to be.  (Side note, I lost another 2.8 pounds)  :-)  On Monday after Mike was home from work, we took a trip to the fruit market that's about 2 miles from our house.  Extremely close if you ask me.  We purchased a handful of different fruits and veggies, and when we got home we dusted off our Jack LaLanna Juicer, and had our very own homemade juice.  I will admit the first one wasn't very tasty.  We had added too much Kale to the mix.  LOL  But we juiced again last night and it was much better!  MUCH better!

Now that we have that tangent taken care of, lets go back to my original question.  Hunger Vs Thirsty, a fine line! 

I noticed this first hand the last two days.  Especially last night.  Here's my story...:-)

Yesterday I was very busy around the house, cleaning laundry, errand running, dinner making, ya know the basics right?  All this and I was forgetting to drink my water.  I had fixed Stuffed Peppers for dinner, which were so delicious by the way!!!  Not 20mins after dinner, I felt hungry pains or hunger pangs rather.  I was, you are not serious I just ate dinner and now your hungry?  But then I remembered how busy my day was with the lack of water, and I knew I was just thirsty.  I got a bottle of ice water, chugged it, and what do you know?!  I wasn't "hungry" no longer.

So I will leave you with a time you think you feel hungry, think back and see when was the last time you drank water!  :-)

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  1. I totally understand this blog. I am thirsty 24/7 it seems. I am actually going to try to get my blood sugar checked because it seems to be taking over.. Increased thirst can be a signal of diabetes. A lot of times i will eat instead of drink and i think this is part of my problem. I am going to try to drink a glass of water when I feel like i am starving to see if that will help, plus im going to get some bloodwork done and see if it helps!