Sunday, January 2, 2011

Helping My Sister With Her Resolution

One of my sister (Kelli's) resolutions this year is to

Bring a lunch to work, instead of buying. 

Which I love.  Buying a lunch everyday can get expensive and not as healthy.  She saw my bag I sewed the other day and loved it.  She wanted one for herself, and it would be her new Lunch Bag.  Two of the fabric from my post yesterday was for her.  I worked on it last night and was able to finish it up for her today.  She hasn't seen it yet!  She requested a few changes to the bag, or rather add-ons.  A longer pocket on the inside, big enough for a fork or spoon.  (Which is a great idea)  A way to close said pocket, and she wanted to somehow be able to close the top of the whole bag.  The pocket, I added a snap, and I added two strings of material to tie the bag shut on top.  I am very pleased with out it turned out!

While I was sewing her bag, I was sewing an extra bag with the same pattern.  (With out a snap on the pocket)  I was tossing around the idea in my head about maybe giving a bag away on my blog.  What do you guys think?  Good idea?  Would you guys use a bag like this?  Let me know what you think!!

I'm off to work tonight, but then coming home and hoping to start the bag for my Mom!!!


  1. I love the idea! I think the one you made was super cute.

  2. LOL yeah i could use a bag for my nursing stuff! i am tired of carrying around my big bulky back pack!

  3. I love the idea too, and I think it should go to me! LOL As a preschool teacher, I take my lunch every single day. I like it that way. I could leave and pick up fast food, but ... even lean cuisine is better to me then a bigmac! :)

  4. What a great idea, I love that. I have a bag I take to work with me for lunch etc, but it's not nearly as cute. I think you did WONDERFUL on your bag & adorable fabric to boot.