Monday, January 3, 2011

I Feel Lighter Today

And there is a very good reason I feel that way!  I weighed in 2.8 pounds lighter this morning!  I was so surprised and excited to finally see the scale go down!  It was motivation for the whole day let me tell you!

What's even better is I really haven't done anything different this week.  Other then, eating more lettuce with dinner and occasionally for lunch.  Drinking more water, and probably most importantly not sitting myself in front of the computer as much.  Oh yeah and a few Cardio Max Dvd workouts thrown in :-)

So I'm here to tell you with little changes, and just being more aware, things do start to move!  LOL 

Sorry for the late and short post today.  Its 11pm, and its freezing in my house, I'm off to bed where the heater is plugged in and on!  Night Night All!