Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Fun Sunday

My work gave me today off.  I usually have to request weekend days off to get them...but today I was just given it.  It was nice to not have plans per se.  Even though we did have a fun day!

We woke up early, which didn't feel too early cause of the Time Clock Change this morning.  Then we took a drive up North for breakfast.  Beth's Cafe, for you Non-Locals, its a whole in the wall cafe that serves the most amazing food.  Open 24 hrs, and you can order anything off the menu at any time during the day.  They are most famous for their 12 egg omelet.  If you watch Man Vs Food, you may have seen the episode that he visited Beth's Cafe. 

Today was the second time we have been there, and just as good as the first.  Oh yeah and All You Can Eat Hash browns!!!  :-)

After breakfast we went to Costco and had to get Coffee, and I picked up a nice warm pair of winter gloves.  Mainly to take walks with as its getting chillier here.  Then my sister and I went to Target, where I picked up a brown sheet to use as the backing of my quilt!  Its getting closer to being finished.

Which brings me to the rest of my day, sewing!!!  I got the top all finished.  And was uber excited to sit on the couch and try it out.  Its going to be the most perfect throw blanket for the couch!  I'm going to work on the border next, and hopefully have that part finished tomorrow. 

Well its clean up time, bath time for Angelina, and then bed time!  This weekend went fast!  Hope you all enjoyed yours!!!

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  1. That sounds yummy! I would be in trouble as I love hashbrowns... Sounds like you had an amazing sunday!! Love the quilt pictures you posted previous...