Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shortest Post Ever

Good Night!

Haha, well I can't just leave it at that....but I was busy today.  I managed to do my exercising DVD this morning and walked for 2 miles.  Did random stuff around the house and even walked to the store in the evening time.  So a good exercising day.  I spent a good portion of my free time today working on my quilt, finally!  I have 14 rows, and they are all sewn together, minus two rows in the middle where I have to come up with another idea, as the original plan isn't going to work.  But that's the fun part about doing your own quilt with no patter!!!  Yahoo for that!
More tomorrow on my exercising plan, food plan, video plan, work schedule, and Life In General!  Good Night Everyone!!!!  Much Love!

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