Monday, November 1, 2010

Is Giving Up Something Always the Right Road?

I am not sure what it was this evening, but something got me thinking.  Does Dieting mean Giving Up Something?  Or Should it mean that rather.  This is still a debate for me. 

Ever since I have felt the need to lose weight (Junior'ish in High school)  I have felt that I had to give up something to get the weight off.  Now I know giving up candy bars is necessary, but I'm not talking about Candy, or the obvious things here. 

Through out the end of my high school years I dabbled in giving up food all together.  I remember clearly eating little to nothing during the day, but not being able to continue once I got home.  I never lost weight. 

About a year after I graduated, I did it again.  This time it worked.  I was able to get through the day with little to nothing to eat, and I was showing results.  It was easier this time around because I was busy with College, Work, and Tutoring.  This went on until I met Mike, which was in 2003.  Then I fell in love, and got comfortable, and gained all of what I lost and then some. 

I remember at one point I wanted to lose the weight and new I couldn't give up food, so I gave up Carbs.  That didn't work, so I gave up Sugar, ALL SUGAR.  At this point we got married and pregnant, and baby fat was cute to have :-)  I didn't think about dieting for months after having Angelina.  But then the urge to give up food snuck up again.  Needless to say it didn't work.

Then I decided to give up Meat, then it was all processed foods, when that wasn't giving me the results, I just moved on to something else to "give up" 

I am currently not consuming Dairy.  I thought I would try it for a week and see what happens. 

I think I have some sort of mentality that I have to Give Up something.  Like I am punishing myself.  Or disguising my want to lose weight.  I was discussing this is Mike, and I mentioned, maybe I have the need to cover up what I'm doing, the end result is to lose weight, but I have to tell people that I am not eating "something" so they wouldn't know I'm actually on a diet.  Is this making sense to anyone out there?  Wow I am a mess aren't I?

So this is where this leads me.  I am not going to deprive myself of anything.  I am going to just use small portion control, listen to my body when I'm full, and just LIVE!!!!  No worries, and see how I feel.  Of course I will keep you all updated, and if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions or anything that you think might help me out, please let me know!!!

P.S. I know how bad not eating is, and I will never do that again!  Thanks for always reading!  Hugs!


  1. My hubby & I recently had to give up Grains & Sugar, not by choice, but because his health & life depends on it. He's diabetic & grain intolerant (inflammatory process). It has been VERY VERY hard at times, one of his favorite foods in Potatoes & he can't have those anymore, but we are slowly finding alternatives to the things we love, tonight we had grain & sugar free pumpkin cheesecake. I know how hard it is to give stuff up and I have done it in the past with trying to low carb etc, but going grain & sugar free hard as it has been, has been one of the best things for my hubby & his health. I think if you truly want to give something up, you can, I just think there needs to be substitutions if that was your 'food crutch' so to speak.

  2. Just know you are not alone! I have even tried the little to nothing diet as well when I was younger. I think what you are planning on doing is a great thing! I think portion sizing instead of giving up something is easier ( unless you need to medically). It is still something that I am trying to work on as well. Before I would say I am never going to eat say chips for example when i know reality is I am . I still allow myself them, but know I can not keep a big bag in the house. So I buy smaller bags instead. I know you are going to do it! You are really inspiring, in everything you do. If you ever want to work out or anything I am here. Hope you have a great night!