Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ok I Can Take A Hint

One thing goes wrong, ok, two things go wrong, WFT, three things go wrong, TIME TO GO TO BED!!!

I was hoping to put the finishing touches on my quilt tonight.  I had the binding left to do, so I was pretty confident I could do it.  Well its taking a lot longer then I expected, but its alright.  I then decided to "Stitch in the Ditch" instead of hand sew around the quilt.  (Since I didn't have a needle to hand stitch with, I know you can roll your eyes now lol)
Well for whatever reason I guess it was a bad decision.  It was one of those decisions I spent all evening going back and forth.  But once I was done ironing the binding, I was just so close to finishing it, I decided to not wait until tomorrow to go to the fabric store to get a needle, and just GET IT DONE TONIGHT!
I guess the stars had other plans, and things kept going wrong...

1.) My needle broke on the machine...luckily I had some already here at home, so no biggie I'll change it.

2.) The bobbin runs out  (And I didn't have any in reserve) ok getting frustrated, about to call it a night, but nah I can change the bobbin.

3.) The thread runs out in the middle of threading the bobbin.

OK I give up for tonight.  For whatever reason I just wasn't "supposed" to finish this quilt tonight.  Yes I have more thread, but I just feel I ignored two signs to call it a night, and by the third it was just time to listen!

Off to bed, frustrated, mad, bummed...and sad

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