Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Mistake to Laugh About

All day I was figuring I would talk about our dinner we had last night for The Survivor Premiere, I tried out a new recipe and the words "restaurant style" were used by my husband when asked how it was.  Trust me I will share the Lasagna Roll Up recipe but just not tonight.  Something far better came up...or shall I saw Blog'worthy!!!

I was inspired by Stacie (Her Blog Here) to make myself a little throw quilt.  She shared her journey on Facebook, and just finished her beautiful quilt the other day, it even passed the "washer test!"  When it comes to sewing I have a hard time just jumpin' in.  (Now cooking is a different story)  With much thought, planning, and 3 trips to the fabric store I was ready to map out my quilt pattern on graph paper.  Yes I'm that specific.  I won't tell you that I mapped out 3 different designs before settling on one.  :-)

I knew how big and how many squares I wanted of each color/pattern of the yet to be bought material, and with butterflies in stomach I left to head to the fabric store.  Angelina came with for moral support, lol!  Didn't take long to pick out the material, I mean I had been there and looked several times, so then off to the cutting counter I went.  I was feeling pretty proud and confident at this point, I had my list of measurements right there in front of me. 

First up was the solid brown, I knew I needed 1 1/2ft.  I needed 7 squares that were going to be 5x5 and this was going to give me 5 extra squares, so perfect!  Well now we get to the point where I wasn't thinking straight, and maybe the butterflies were doing the talking.  Because the lady asked how much I needed and I said 1 1/2ft, and she said ft?  You mean yards right?  And I said, oh yeah right yards.  And this went on for the other 4 fabrics I had, in varying lengths.

It wasn't until I get home that I figured out my mistake.  I was showing my Hubby the brown telling him that this was going to be used for the 7 squares in the middle, and noticed I had more then 7 squares worth of material, even more then the 12 I accounted for.  Then it hit me....

I have 3 TIMES as much material as I need!
1 1/2ft does NOT equal 1 1/2yards, I and knew this, but apparently the butterflies didn't!

I was so embarrassed all I could do was laugh!  And I have been laughing since!  (Going on 2hrs lol)

So yes my title, A Mistake to Laugh About :-)

Without further a do, here is the material I picked out!

Solid Pink, Pink Girl Monkeys, Pink Brown Beige Stripes, Pink with Brown and Beige Dots, and a Solid Brown

Here is the close up of the Monkeys!


  1. Oh Mar, I LOVE those fabrics...and yeah, three feet to a yard...I'm TOTALLY laughing. Oh well, you might be able to use your big left over pieces and sew them together as your backing. Or you could make some super cute pillows to go with your throw...or you could make TWO blankets...or...or...or... The wheels are spinning! Thanks for posting those...I think I'll do a blog about my own quilt journey, now that's it's successfully completed! lol

  2. Adorable fabric choices. Too much is always better than too little...been there...done that!