Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

There is still 3 more hours left of Halloween.  We had such a great day today.  Angelina dressed up as a Kitty, which was very fitting as she always crawls around the house as a kitty.  I joke with her all the time cause I am allergic to cats and I sneeze around her, but she tells me that she's not a REAL one.  :-)

We painted a cute black nose on her, with whiskers, and added a bit of pink eyeshadow with mascara, cause lets face it, its fun to put on mommy's makeup!  We just got back from Trick Or Treating in my brothers neighborhood, and we have a very tired little kitty on our hands.  She did excellent and loved walking the neighborhood.  Now if only I can persuade a Candy Fairy to take the candy filled bucket away, that would be grand!  Crossing my fingers maybe Angelina will forget the Candy part.  LOL

Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween!!!

Here is a picture of the kiddos from tonight. 

A Rockstar, Soccer Player, Kitty, Stromtrooper, and a little Leopard

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