Thursday, October 14, 2010

All I Want to Do Is...


A day where I can do nothing besides sit on the couch and Knit would be as nice as a get away vacation!  Ok maybe I am exaggerating a bit there but it does sound dreamy.  To wake up to a fresh pot of coffee, your favorite creamer waiting to be poured into your perfect coffee mug.  Then you waltz over to the couch, still in your pajamas of course, sit down next to the remote that is in its designated spot, cover up with your softest warmest most comfy blanket, and enjoy the quiet house.  My perfect morning would start like that, with a morning marathon of The Kardashians, or The Biggest Loser, while knitting my endless scarf.  I might even pay for a morning like that!  Who's with Me?

Unfortunately that's never going to happen, but fortunately I can imagine it.  Which naturally is the next best thing. 

Seems like I always have something on my mind, from the min I wake up to the min I go to bed, thinking thinking thinking always thinking.  In an effort to clear my head, I started making a list.  I am used to making lists, as in Grocery Lists, Dinner Lists, Bathroom Lists, To-Do Lists, List of the Lists, (ok its not that bad yet lol)  But this list was different.  This is going to be an on going lists of just STUFF.  Stuff I need to get done, stuff I want to get done, stuff I want to accomplish, stuff I want other people to do, and just stuff I feel like writing down.  And its actually working, I feel myself a bit more calm, without fear that I might forget something.  Today I was able to cross off something off that list, Organize my coupons.  That felt great!

Also in an effort to manifest the morning described above, I vow to myself to wake up at 6:00am every morning and start my day with a bit of knitting.  I will admit I have trouble getting out of bed.  Most morning I relax with Angelina and watch a little Curious George, Cat in the Hat, Sid the Science Kid, and lets not forget Dinosaur Train, and Word World.  I must say that's a good way to wake up, but after all this is said and done, its near 10o'clock.  Which at this point means no time to knit for me, as I have to start the day that never seems to stop.

Tomorrow I'll be waking up at 6am, knit while watching the News, since there is no morning marathon of The Kardashians, or The Biggest Loser, take my shower, do whatever morning chores need to get done, all before 8 when then I can go enjoy some cartoon time with Angelina. 

6am isn't the ideal time for knitting but if that's where I can fit it in, I'm all for it!

 *Here's to Everyone...finding time to KNIT*  (Or whatever you enjoy!)


  1. How's that quilt coming along? I've been patiently waiting...I LOVE your fabrics and think it should be gorgeous when done!

    But have fun knitting!!

  2. Fun! I would love to be able to knit! You are very multi talented!! I <3 the Kardashians too! Caleb thinks I am crazy, but its my favorite.