Friday, October 22, 2010

Monkey Balls

I have been wanting to try using home made 100% Wool Dryer Balls for quite some time now.  I like being crafty so I thought it would be easy enough to make my own, and it was!

Its so fun to see a project coming together!

Well me and Hubby were tossing around the idea of maybe selling ones that I make.  We were trying to come up with some names, and I personally don't like the word Balls.  Unless of course your talking baseballs, or playground balls, or basket balls.  (I made these Cake Balls, which is cake made into tiny "balls" and dipped in chocolate.)  Which are divine!  But I refuse to call them Cake Balls cause I giggle everytime I say it, so we just call them Cake Rounds. 

I really want to use the Monkey in them...but Monkey Balls just doesn't right ><  LOL 

But we'll see...Just again tossing around the idea.

With that I'll leave you for tonight! 

P.S. Hubby is going out of town for the week, so blog posts might be short and sweet!  Good Night Everyone!

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