Friday, October 1, 2010

A New Month With Fresh Eating

Happy October 1st Everyone!

You know what I love?  Waking up and looking at my phone and seeing the 1st of a new month.  This morning when my alarm went off (I use my phone) it was a joy to see that October had started.  Flipping the calender, and seeing the New Month everywhere.  Something about the start of a brand new month is so refreshing!!!

Today was the first day of the pledge I took, Here!  For the whole month of October I promised to myself to only eat unprocessed foods.  Everyone once in a while through out October I will share what was on my menu for the day.  I won't do it daily cause lets face it, not many of you care what I eat I'm sure.  Today was sorta easy for the most part cause I worked during the day, so for 5hrs I wasn't tempted.  I did go out to dinner for my niece's birthday, but I made a good choice.  It might not have been clean per se, but it was one of the healthier choices.  So here you go, what I ate today!

Real Oatmeal, (cooking it on the stove not the microwave lol)

Applesauce, Tuna

Snack when I got home from work:
Apple (It was huge, bigger then a softball) 

French Dip Sandwich from The Ram with french fries LOL  Hey a girl has to enjoy a birthday celebration!  But the sandwich was plainer then plain, so it evened out!

Water Water and More Water!!!

So all and all a pretty good day!  I'm happy with that!  Much Love, Thanks for reading, and I'm off to bed!  :-)

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