Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A New Addition to The Tripp House

We are getting a Chinchilla tomorrow evening!!!

About 6 years ago me and Mike got our first pet together.  We purchased a Chinchilla, and named him Iomi, together.  He was very young, and grew on us instantly.  He was alot of work, and demanded alot of attention. 

About a year later we were expecting Angelina, and figured with a new born, we couldn't give everything to Iomi that he needed.  When then gave it to my sisters co-worker, who had been wanting one.  It worked out wonderfully.

Fast forward to just a couple of months ago, me and Mike started tossing around the idea about getting another Chinchilla.  We went to the pet store to take a look at them again, and see what Angelina's reaction would be.  The start up costs are pretty expensive, but something we knew we wanted to do again some day.

Facebook can be a wonderful thing!  My sister read on her page that a co-worker of hers was asking if anyone would be interested in a Chinchilla.  Of course I told my sister to get in contact with her, that we would be very interested.  It turns out that this gal works two jobs and can't spend the extra time with her chinchilla, and wants it to go to a loving home. 

It turns out that we go pick him up tomorrow evening!  He's 4 years old, loves sand baths (which is something that Iomi did not like) and the best part is, everything comes included with him, all for Free!  We are all very excited.  We told Angelina about him already, and she went and got her stuffed Chinchilla to play with. 

I got my work cut out for me tomorrow as I have to clean up the house, and rearrange to make room for his cage.  Busy Busy!

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