Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sweaty Face

Grossed out by the title?
How about the picture?  Lol

There is a gal on Youtube that I follow Nicole, Ceramicheart150 and she started a Sweaty Face Challenge, where you were to share your "post workout face".  At the end she posted a video with a Sweaty Face Train, and showed them all.  I unfortunately didn't participate, but did watch all the faces.  She has since kept this theme going, with people posting their faces on FB and Twitter. 

So I decided to take my very own picture after my workout the other day.  Actually Angelina took it for me, which I think she did a great job, focused and everything, plus the camera is pretty heavy.  Kudos to her!!! 

I also took and am posting this picture as a "before" picture.  I find when the scale doesn't show the results that I have been trying so hard to achieve, sometimes a picture will show me how well I'm doing instead.  So here you go...The Before! 

This picture was taken after I did a Dvd workout called Walk Away the Pounds...which I'll probably abbreviate to WATP from now on.  Its by Leslie Sansone and she has you walking, kicking, side steps, and knee lifts during the workout.  And she gets you walking with the beat of the music which gives you the mph needed.  Her Dvd's are based on Miles.  The one I like is a two mile walk which is about 30mins, that includes a warm up as well.   She has videos starting at a One Mile, all the way up to 5 I believe.  They are a lot of fun as far as exercising goes and go by relatively fast.  It surprising some days on how sore you can get from just walking in your living room to the beat of the Dvd!

I encourage any of you on a weight loss journey like myself, to take a picture!  Even if you have already started, take one today!  Better yet if you take it after a workout, lets share those Sweaty Faces!!!


  1. Ohh girlfriend. I have one of those sweaty faced pics on my blog after a workout tooo!! Good for you!! Following you from the blog hop. Hope you can follow me back at and check out all my latest giveaways.
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  2. following you from relax and surf Sunday Hope you check Out My Blog and return the follow. Ugh i Hate work outs! but go figure i sign up for a coed soccer team [adults of course but i think im the youngest lol Like seriously young] Hope you reach your goal god knows um stuck at the same weight i was in february and it pisses me off!
    Through My Eyes-Ladii Aponte

  3. I need to stay focused and work out more....not to lose weight but to gain back muscle. I might have to post my sweaty face one day.

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