Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Can I Paint Your Pumpkin Daddy?

This is what we heard daily multiple times since we let Angelina paint her own pumpkins from the pumpkin Patch.  We figured it would be easier for her to paint her little one, then to try to carve it. 
It actually worked out great.  We got poster paint two brushes and a couple of Trader Joe bags and off she went.  And yes you see correctly, she has no shirt on!  You tell me what would be easier? 
1.) Try to clean up stains on her pink polo shirt?  or...
2.) Clean off the paint by tossing her in the bath?  Not a tough decision, but does make for a funny photo!

She didn't have the traditional pumpkin face idea, no she wanted to paint the whole thing!  And really who could blame her?  Mom and Dad let her have full reign of 12 colors of paint, and a whole pumpkin?  I wouldn't want to just draw a face either!  If you look closely at the picture you can see she even too advantage of the stem too!

That was on Saturday.  Sunday rolls around and she was begging to "decorate" my little pumpkin.  I personally was looking forward to making a cute goofy fun face, and didn't really want to give up my pumpkin.  I politely said "Thats ok honey I don't mind decorating mine."  :-)  Well a few hours later she asked Daddy, and Daddy being 1/2 hypnotised by one of the many football games on that day, said yes!  Angelina was creative in her asking, she asked to decorate the other small pumpkin, instead of saying Mommy's Pumpkin.  (Smart little bugger)

Seeing her so excited about being able to paint again, I just couldn't break her heart and tell her other wise.  We did suggest not painting the stem this time so we could transport it easier.

Shortly after she finished the last small pumpkin, she wanted to move onto our Jumbo Pumpkin.  She tried very hard to get me and daddy to say yes to "Can I paint your Pumpkin Daddy?"  We stood strong and told her we would carve it the next night.  We did hold up that promise and had such an enjoyable evening with a fire burning in the fireplace while we carved our pumpkin.  I will now share the pictures from last night!

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  1. These are great photos! I love the whole story and getting to see how much fun the carving was. Mike is good! Maybe (just maybe) we will get to carving ours before November this year. Eh, why mess with tradition.
    My favorite part is the guts. I love cleaning and cooking the seeds! mmmmmm.... seeds!!