Saturday, October 16, 2010

Whew...What a Saturday

Here I sit at the computer, 11:00pm, tired as a dog, but when I reflect on the day, it was all worth it!

I just got off work less then 40mins ago, I worked the closing shift tonight, which is my norm.  Someday I want to share a post on a typical day at my job, it would be a humorous post, that's for sure!

On a day that I work, I usually try not to do a whole lot during the day, so I don't end up trying myself out BEFORE work even starts.  I plan out my week as much as possible to do the majority of cooking and running errands and deep cleaning on off days.  (Of course you can never skip daily chores and managing Angelina, that some how doesn't sound right, lol)

Having said all that, I actually planned to have a busy day today before work.  Imagine that.  :-)  But I was really proud of myself.  I spent Friday going through the grocery store ads and my coupons, making lists of what to get where, and what coupons go with what store, ect.  (I think I even mentioned to you guys that I did all this)  So even though the plan was to go to 2 grocery stores and a drug store, it went very smoothly, and we stuck to the list, for the most part.  Always gotta leave wiggle room.  I highly recommend this mode of grocery shopping, which I think a lot of people already do, lol.

So to wrap up, yes I'm dog tired, shopping, and working all in one day, but it feels good!  Night Everyone!

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