Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Praying is Just the Beginning

I posted a quote on my Facebook status yesterday...

"If you want to find something you must first start looking!"
-Mariann Tripp

Sounds pretty easy right?  If you have lost something the first course of action would be to start looking for it correct?  Well I am not really talking about the act of losing something per se, more so starting on the other end, beginning to Look For Something.
Have I totally lost you yet?

I was reminded by a short story I read within the book of Eat Love Pray.  (By the way if you haven't read this book you really should, start today!)  (Well obviously after you finish this post.)  In a chapter of the book she explains something she once heard.  Please don't quote me, as I won't be quoting the book either, but the story should come across well. 

A fellow prayed to God everyday that he could win the lottery.  How happy he would be to win the money, so day in and day out he prayed to God.  Months went by and this fellow never won the lottery.  Finally God, feeling sorry for the fellow, politely asked him to Go Please Buy a Lottery Ticket!

The first time I read that, I was sort of confused.  She stopped telling us about the fellow, ended her story.  I was left disappointed as I wanted to know if he won or not.  But after thinking about it, that wasn't the point of the tale. 

We might be praying to God, asking for whatever we might need, but we aren't holding up our part of the bargain.  I believe God wanted to make it so this fellow would win the lottery, but he wasn't willing to just let the Winning Ticket float down from Heaven.  He wanted the fellow to work a bit for it.  All the fellow had to do was hold up his side, and buy a ticket. 

Kind of changes things doesn't it?

For months now my husband has been wanting to change his career path.  His job now is very stressful.  His job should be spread out among two or three people, but yet he's solely responsible.  Very rarely does he have a good day, and personally he's worth more then what they pay him.  He talks daily about wanting to leave, and how nice a different job would be.  Unfortunately his actions stop there, meaning he's not actively looking for something else. 

How many of you just "settle" for things?  Do you feel that most times its easier to just stay put?  I am banking on alot of you feel this way. 

This is where my quote comes in, "If you want to find something you must first start looking!"  I personally have been praying to God that my husband finds a new, better, gratifying job, where he can use his amazing talents and get recognized for them!  But I have realized that I (or we) aren't holding up our end, we must LOOK for it!  When was the last time you saw a JOB Offer fall down from Heaven....probably when you saw that Winning Lottery Ticket Fall, NEVER!!!


A few notes I wanted noted :-)
I don't intend this post become a debate, we all believe in something and God can be whomever or whatever you personally believe in. 
Also I realize there is many people without jobs currently, (my heart goes out to you) and I don't want you to think that we aren't grateful for the jobs we have!
I wrote this post to get you guys thinking, and any comments are greatly appreciated!
Hugs Again!

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