Monday, October 4, 2010

Typing With One Eye Open

Or more importantly one eye closed. 

Today was day 5.  Day 5 for what you might ask?  The 5th day in a row I worked, and I'm tired.  And what makes this more exhausting?  I still have one more to go.

I know most of you are asking why am I complaining?  Lots of people work 5 days in a row.  But I am not one of those, LOL.  I signed up for part time and JUST that, PART TIME!  Allow me to complain, please?  :-)

I try to stay positive right?  I am thankful that I have a job, that I have extra money to pay the needed bills, and have fun on the side.  For instance I have cable Internet, to do just this tonight, BLOG!  This I am thankful for.  I was able to walk to the store to grab a few groceries and was able to buy Angelina and Mike a treat, this I am thankful for.  I would say I am thankful for the few hours I get to leave the house, but I'm not.  Actually I am a home body and would love to just stay home.  Adult conversation at work?  Ha, with customers?  They are in and out faster then I can say their total.  There are a few that I have gotten to know during the years, but sadly they don't make up for the rest.  Someday I want to write a book, someday maybe I will!

With that, I'll leave you for tonight.  The house is all quiet except for the clock on the wall ticking.  Reminding me in 6hrs I get to do it all over again!  Thanks for putting up with my Debbie Downer Post for this evening!  Night Night!

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