Friday, October 29, 2010

How Many Projects Can I Juggle?

I guess the question should be how many can I juggle, and actually get them finished?  LOL

While the Men were gone my sister was working on a scrap book of her wedding.  I have never been one to scrap book, as I didn't see the point in cutting up pictures and not saving/using ALL the pictures.  But her album was turning out beautiful, and I got inspired.

Angelina's 5th birthday is Dec 9th, (I still can't believe it) and I wanted to make her a scrap book of her first years, and be able to continue it each year.  I know she won't fully appreciate it until she is older, so maybe at this point the scrap book is for me.  :-)

I started going through the million of photos I have, and decided to dedicate one whole book to her first year.  Start which a few pictures of me pregnant with her, a few letters me and Mike wrote to her, then her birth...and each month there on out.  After Feb. they are all in albums in order so that will be nice.  But I have a pile of pictures about 1in tall that I have to figure out which month they belong in.  Not as bad as I was thinking. 

One thing is for sure, this evening has been a lot of fun, looking/remembering, and sharing stories between me and Mike and Angelina.  (Making me want another baby that much more...did I just say that out loud?)  :-)

I'm sure in the next few days I'll be share photos, but tonight I thought I would share a video that we came across.  Me and Mike don't even remember recording it.  Angelina is about 8months here, and is learning just how to make Daddy laugh!!!  Enjoy!!!

P.S. Yes I plan on still finishing up my quilt I started, if anyone was curious  :-)

Click HERE to watch the cutest video!

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