Thursday, October 28, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Me and Angelina and Mike are all home safely!

Mike and my dad and brother came home today, we were all so very excited. 

They were about 10mins away when my dads truck broke down (we were all thankful that they weren't farther away, like on the other side of the pass)  A tow truck call, a 1/2hr wait, and they were on the road again.  (There is probably major transmission work, which is no fun at all, but everyone made it safely, so that's all that counts)

The first evening/night are full of stories, such an enjoyable time.  Of course Angelina was super excited to see Daddy!  She said "Daddy when you come home from hunting, you smell like Hot Dogs!"  We all had a good chuckle!

Thanks for reading all my posts from the last week or so...this time of year is always hard, but I am glad that my hubby gets to take part of the yearly Hunting Trip!

Off to listen to stories and tell a few of my own!  Night Night

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