Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Think He Notice Us

As quoted by Angelina!

We just got home with our new chinchilla, Buddy!  Boy is he going to be a great addition to our home.  First night and hes already so calm and very lovable.  We have yet to take him out of the cage, that will be at least a day or two away, but he's letting us pet him, so that's a good sign.

I was trying to explain to Angelina that before we let him out he needs to get to know us.  She says to know what?  So I just said that he needs to get used to us, and to know that we are nice people.  Its very hard to explain "get to know us."  :-)

Well after we gave him new food and water and she was able to give him a raisin as a treat, she said "I think he notice us now, can we let him out to play?"  It was very cute to hear her say that, and she's trying so hard to get us to open that door to let him run. 

Currently she is showing him all her toys, and letting him smell them, its very cute to watch.  And to hear her say "Buddy" all the time melts my heart.  We made a great decision on bringing him to our home!  Such a great feeling seeing our daughter so extra happy!!!

Side Note:  For some reason when I put my camera card in the camera it says it needs to be formatted, and in turn if I do that all the pictures will be deleted, and I do not want that.  So we used the FlipCam, and will transfer the pictures from the card to a cd tomorrow!  Just trust me, he's adorable!

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