Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Clean Living Room Makes...

This Mommy Very Happy!

Many of your mothers can relate to this I'm sure.  And actually anyone living with a significant other, or roommate, I'm sure the scenario is the same!

I spend most of my day cleaning and re cleaning and probably cleaning again.  Whether it be the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms ect.  I also work part time in the evenings some nights, and my wish when I leave is to keep the house the way I left it.  Lol.  But I understand how hard that is, so I don't hold my breath. 

Well the other night when I came home around 10:20pm, the living room was all picked up, and the kitchen was spotless with the dishes hiding in the dishwasher.  I loved it!!  I was so happy!!!  And to make my night even better my husband and my daughter left me this note on the message board!

It says, Thank you and have a fun day off tomorrow!  Love Daddy and Angelina.
Then Angelina wrote, The Living room is All Clean!  And those two people are Me and Her!

*Hearts Melts*  I just knew I had to take a picture and Share it!

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