Sunday, September 12, 2010

Short and Sweet

Tonights post is going to be just that.  Today was my Hubby's Birthday, and boy what a day it was.  I hope he had just as much fun as I did celebrating it together.  It start off for me with a walk to the store to get the fixings for his Pancake Breakfast.  (A tradition that I grew up with, Pancakes when you wake up on your Birthday!)  What pancake isn't complete without Whipping Cream?!  I bought him a donut to hold him over while I made the pancakes from scratch.  Me and Angelina sang Happy Birthday and let him blow out 3 candles that were on the donut.  It so much fun to see Angelina get so excited.

After a relaxing morning at home, we then went to my parents house to watch the Seahawk game.  They had bought Pizza for lunch, which was delicious!  Me and Mom made a cake called Un'beet'able Chocolate Cake, which you guessed it, was made out of Beets.  My oh my was it amazing!  Took 2hrs to prep, and 45mins to bake, but totally worth it in the end!  I plan on blogging about it soon, but I am beat (no pun intended, ok well maybe a little bit) and am ready for bed!

After cake, we enjoyed a nice evening at home.  A nice and simple day, but a special Birthday Day none-the-less!  Happy Birthday Honey!!!!

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