Friday, September 24, 2010

A Story Too Funny Not to Share

I took Angelina to the toys at the mall today.  You know the ones that sit in the middle of the mall, swarmed with kiddos, but too hard to pass up?  Those are the ones.  And today's toys were quite cute, first time I had been to these.  Angelina had a blast and I had just about the same amount of fun people watching, while keeping a close eye on Angelina as well.

They have a steam boat in the middle of the toy area.  You can climb up on it, and or walk through it.  On the top is the smoke stack, and its too little for a child to fall through but big enough for them to put their faces through and see the other kiddos walking through the boat.  (I hope your getting a good picture of this)

Well a little girl who was about 2 1/2, decides that the smoke stack isn't just that... its also a perfect TOILET!  Down goes her pants and she sits down on the whole.  And actually you have to give her credit, it was a perfect fit for her.  Her dad who was sitting close by, jumps up and says "No no no!!"  And does manage to get her before her business started, but about 6 other ladies that were sitting near by me included, were all just cracking up!!!!  He joined in too!

Hope you enjoyed this cute little story, like the subject said, it was too funny not to share!
Night Night!

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