Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Effect Food Has on Me

Lets just say that its not even 8:00pm and I am ready for bed.  My eyes can hardly stay open as I type this. 

I did wake up early this morning to work my morning shift at work.  I did work 5hrs when I'm used to working 4.  And I did go to a gorgeous wedding right after work for a dear family friend...but all that doesn't add up to why I am so dang tired.

The only other thing I can think of is what I ate is having this effect on me.  I have been very good with eating only clean foods for the past few weeks, but today was thrown out the window.  And the foods that I did enjoy were not even close to being worth feeling like this hours later.  A big eye opener for sure! 

Even tonight after a delicious dinner my husband made, I was still left empty, wanting something more.  I walked (which was the only good thing in this story) to a grocery store and got a mini apple pie, which alone has 420cals.  Blah, I feel yucky.

Sorry to be such a downer tonight, no good recipe to share, no cute or funny stories to tell, just a jumbled mess.  But these days happen, am I right?

I can't wait until Morning so I can treat my body they way it should be treated, CLEAN!!!!

Signing Off, Night Night!

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