Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pictures Galore

Our day trip to the beach couldn't have been any better then what it was.  The weather was a perfect 67degrees, sun shinning, not a cloud in the sky.  Here at home it barely reached 60, with rain....I just had to laugh!
Angelina was so thrilled with the beach and ocean water.  I don't think I remember her ever being so giddy before!  I loved every minute of it! 
I apologize that this post today is going to be short, we are all very tired, and bed time is nearing very quickly here.  Every time I walk down the hallway this evening, I dreamt of the time of night where I can lay down on the crisp chilled sheets and pillows, cover up and close my eyes!  But I promised some pictures, and pictures you get!
Ocean Shores in Washington State
Angelina Flying Her Kite High
Angelina and Daddy Made a Sandcastle Fit for a Princess
My Lovely Daughter
Angelina Loved to Jump Over the Waves

So Very Fortunate That A Passerby Took this For Us!

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