Saturday, September 11, 2010

Food For Thought

As a warning...this isn't going to be a holly jolly post tonight.  This blog is about me, my family, and about life in general.  And some days are just not up to par, I'm sure you'll understand.  :-)

In the last couple of weeks, I have been stressing the point that we need to start eating better, and for the most part I am proud of the direction we are going.  There were weeks where we were spot on, meaning home cooked meals all from scratch...and those weeks were some of my best weeks!  Both physically and emotionally.  I found myself laying in bed after 10:30pm replaying the day, and thinking usually I would be dog tired, or how I like to say it, "Too pooped to poop!"  And there I was, tired, but not exhausted.  And I contribute that to the foods I WAS eating and to the foods that I WASN'T.  Feel great, what how I would explain it.

Well, we sort of slipped back on our day trip to the Ocean, and haven't gotten back to where I want to be yet.  Yesterday at the Fair, we had our share of Fair Food.  Not everything, but more then I should, lets leave it at that.  Then we get to today...well lets back track a few hours.  Before leaving work last night, I bought three packages of Pretzel M&M's.  (For anyone that can eat them, they are delicious, I highly recommend them...Me?  I shouldn't be eating them)  But since I was feeling less then awesome, I thought the M&M's would pick me up.  Knowing full well that wouldn't be the case, but my head didn't listen to that part, and I bought them anyways.  Ok so this morning started off with a bag of M&M's ><  Food has a hold over me, both bad foods and healthy foods.  I'm sure 1/2 of what I'm feeling is guilt but the other 1/2 is just because of the crap that I'm putting back into my body.  And its an endless cycle, I feel good for a bit (sugar high) then I crash and want something to get me going again, and that happens over and over and over again.  I have read numerous books on this, and eating processed foods, makes you crave more processed foods...I am now realizing that this is true for me. 

I ended up getting Chinese Food for a late lunch early dinner, big mistake.  I get all crabby, tired, and selfishly took a nap.  Which then makes me feel guilty both eating Chinese and taking a nap.  Then I had to work this evening and blah blah blah.  Enough said I guess.

An already long story short...I challenge you to really look at your emotional state after you eat certain foods.  Its a real eye opener.  But one that will because a learning tool for me!  I'm determined to take one day at a time, one meal at a time, and I can't wait to feel like I did a couple of weeks ago!  That I have to hold on to!

Thanks for reading, and again I'm sorry this is a bummer of a post.  But maybe I helped someone out by sharing!  Hugs!

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