Monday, September 27, 2010

Harder Than I Thought

I wanted to make a Cooking Video this morning.  I had the perfect recipe I wanted to show.  Using a recipe from The Gracious Pantry plus something of Family Recipe that worked well together.  But the only problem was when I made the Family portion, I usually end up  just tossing things together and hoping it turns out.  I quickly realized that I need to be a bit more organize before I try to make a video out of it.  I did manage to film some and will put up a video soon, but it wasn't part of my original plan. 

I am hoping in the future that I can come up with more of my own recipes and share them.  I just had no idea it would be so hard!  This coming from someone that never measures, its hard to say "Just toss some of this, add a bit of that, ect."  You guys deserve something better than that!  :-)

On a side note, but one worth I have been blogging for a Month already!  I started on August 27th and here it is Sept 27th.  I have enjoyed sharing tid bits every day and will continue to do so!  I just want to say thanks to all of those that read, I hope you find it Fun, Enjoyable, and maybe even Learn something!  Thanks Again!!!

I will add the link to the cooking video as soon as its uploaded!

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