Friday, September 17, 2010

The Quilt Saga Continues

So tonight I started to cut the squares for my quilt.  5x5, and I started with the brown since that was the smallest amount of material to work with.  I decided to cut it all, just to have the squares cut in case I make another quilt.  Well 78 squares later, I'm done. 

I will not be cutting ALL the other material, I repeat I will NOT be cutting all the other material.  I'm only going to cut what I need and a couple more for mistakes.  :-) 

Based on my calculations (which I shouldn't trust) I should have had 3 times what I needed.  Considering my mistake explained in yesterdays post.  So that means 21 right?  I need 7sqs. and 7 times 3 is 21.  Well how in the H E double hockey sticks did I get 78 (I should have had 80 cause I messed up with one cut) ? 

I have No Idea, and my brain is tired of trying to figure it out!

I do know that when I was mapping it all out, I forgot to figure in double due to the material being folded in 1/2.  So even IF I told the fabric lady the correct yard-age...I would have had double!!!  Geesh this is going to be one expensive quilt, money...and mentally! 


  1. Mariann...I'm flummoxed by your confusion! FB me!

  2. Ah, goodness! Well hopefully it will be a nice warm quilt! I love having a throw quilt or fleecey blanket to keep me nice & cozy!