Friday, September 10, 2010

Summer is Truly Over

Growing up, school always started just after Labor Day.  I believe it was my last two years in High school we started at the end of August, some grand idea someone had.  lol  Even though Labor Day Weekend was the last official weekend of Summer, for me Summer wasn't truly over until we went to the Puyallup Fair.  Which starts the Friday after Labor Day and continues for 3 weeks.  We would go at the very least one time, if not two or three, the good ol' days when things were cheaper!  (I still don't know how my parents managed to raise 4 children, a family of 6.  Having a family of my own, I am amazed at all the things we got to do as kids!  Kudos Mom and Dad!) 

I remember thinking on the car ride home every year, ok this is it Summer is Officially over.  I am guessing maybe it was because that was always the last major "thing" we did for the summer. 

Now as an adult I view the Fair a bit different, but it still holds a special spot in my heart.  Maybe because I want Angelina to remember these times as much as I did as a child.  Today was Opening Day of the Fair, and thankfully Mike took the day off work so we could go early in the morning.  Today from 10am-12pm if you brought a donation of food with you, you were able to enter free of charge.  (That was a savings of $21 for me and Mike, and was a lesson to Angelina about donating food for people that need it.)  An hour of traffic after getting off the freeway, and paying for parking ($10 for all day) we were off to the front gates.  It was a perfect day, warm enough but chilly enough for a hoodie...I do love my hoodie.  :-)

This was Angelina's first year of being able to enjoy a Fair Ride or two.  The years past we just didn't bother with the kiddy rides, other then the Old Fashion Carousel.  Boy was she excited, buying her tickets and choosing her rides.  The first ride was a child sized roller coaster, that was big enough for Daddy to enjoy with her.  But after waiting in line and seeing/hearing what it did, she had decided it wasn't for her.  Daddy was a bit bummed, lol.  She then settled for the kiddy swings, which she rode by herself, and my was she proud!  (Momma could have cried)  She then picked the Giant Slide, and that was with Daddy, and the last ride was of course the Carousel.

After the rides we spent some time walking around, people watching, looking at farm animals, and of course sharing some fair food.  3.5hrs of walking and I was tired, especially knowing I would be working in a few hrs after getting home.  Money was spent, feet were tired, but it is all worth it to see our child Smile!!!

I thought I would share a few pictures from our day of fun!  Enjoy!

Ok so I can only get two pictures to show up correctly, I will work on adding the others tomorrow!  Night!

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