Friday, September 3, 2010

We Are "B-B" Beach Bound

In approximately 14hrs we are packing up our vehicle and heading to the beach!  We were supposed to go camping last night and tonight, but due to work related issues, we were not able to continue with those plans.  Instead of being bummed, we decided to make a FULL day of it, and enjoy the ocean scene on Saturday instead.
Our plans are to leave "When Starbucks Opens" and drive the 3hrs to Ocean Shores.  Angelina has yet to see the ocean beaches so we are all very excited.  This morning I had the following conversation...

Me: Guess what we get to do tomorrow Angelina?
AngelinaI don't know  (Her go-to answer for just about anything)  (I'm sure in years to come this is going to be accompanied by an eye roll) 
MeWe get to go see the Ocean!!!!  (Yes I was really this enthusiastic)
AngelinaBoring!  (My bubble just burst, rain on my parade... you get my drift)
MeYou don't want to go play on the beach?
Angelina Yeah!!!!  The BEACH!!!  Can I bring my bucket and shovel?

I just laughed...Apparently she didn't know that seeing the ocean meant being on the beach.  Silly me!  So after that conversation we spent a little time talking about the ocean, beach, waves, ect.  Now we are all on the same page, and just as excited about out trip tomorrow!

Its going to be a full day of driving, eating, exploring, sand castle making, kite flying, and memory making!  I can't wait!!!

Enjoy your Friday evening and Saturday Everyone!  Pictures of our day will be up tomorrow evening!

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