Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Your Body's Natural Sigh

Many of you that know me, already know that I talk about this Natural Sigh alot.  Everyone has this amazing mechanism that their own body's do.  Its a warning sign that we are full, its our body telling us to stop eating...who knew!  Our very own diet couch in each of us!  If we just let our bodies do what they are supposed to, AND listen we'd all have perfect bodies.  Ok well maybe I'm exaggerated a tad, but our bodies are truly amazing!

So what happens is, nearing the end of a meal, our bodies let out a sigh.  You have to be listening for it, and paying attention, but the idea is that when you sigh, you stop eating.  Even if your plate isn't empty.  Hard facts to swallow for some I'm sure, many of us don't like to waste food.  But don't let that be an excuse, ever heard of left overs?  :-)

I have tried to listen to this sigh for many years now, and I usually hear it at least one meal a day, mainly being dinner.  Now that I can hear it and notice it, I need to work on actually doing the other half of the equation, STOPPING!  Most times my food just tastes too good, I guess I'm just too good of a cook.  (I'm sure my hubby would second this)  This is doing nothing for my weight loss though, so I truly need to work on this.

I'm going to pat myself on the back tonight in this post.  I fixed one of my favorite meals for dinner, French Dip.  I think I have a slight addiction to these warm sandwiches.  I fixed 2 each, and a side salad for me, that I ate first.  With my salad down, I was about a bite away from finishing up my 1st sandwich, and there it was The Sigh.  I secretly tried to hold my breath to make it disappear, but as many of us know bodily functions just don't disappear.  Lol 

I thought long and hard about finishing at least another sandwich, they are so good, and what's One More?  But I choose to listen to my body, and stop, cause I was full and satisfied.  I was very proud of myself, I got up... wrapped the whole sandwich (plus the 1/2 that was left from Angelina) and put them in the fridge, for Tomorrow!

I know this might not seem like a very big defeat for some, but this is huge for me.  Its time that I listen to my own best couch!!!  MYSELF!

Have any of you listened to your natural sigh?
Do you listen?
If not give it a try and let me know how it goes for you!

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  1. I haven't ever really listened to my 'natural sigh' but I'm going to start. That is really great that you stopped when you heard it, I know that must have been hard especially with it being your favorite. You probably felt better for it.