Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Cute Angelina Story

This happened a few weeks ago, but its too cute not to share.  And all you mommies out there will get a crack out of it, hopefully, well at least maybe a chuckle, or a smile.  :-)

We have a small dirt path right outside of our deck, it goes the whole stretch of the back porch and window area.  Angelina LOVES to dig out there, I'm not sure our apartment management team feels the same way, but they have yet to say anything.  So we encourage it by buying buckets rakes and shovels, lol!

Well one evening, Angelina had asked to go out digging, it just so happened to be after a bath, but being the nicest parents we are, we said Go For It!  Actually I'm sure Big Brother was on, and I told her yes just so I could get back to my show. 

About 5mins later it hit me, I just told her to go play in the dirt after a bath.  I was hoping at the least she had shoes on.  I then yelled through the window (during a commercial)

"What do you have on your feel Angelina?"  In that motherly tone I have. 
 Praying she says, Tennis Shoes, Flip Flops, or even Dancing shoes. 
Well she yells back the most obvious answer from a 4 1/2 year old....

Yep you guessed it, my sweet Angelina outside playing AFTER a bath with nothing on her feet except for DIRT!

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